Line EHS Profile Wheels

Marmoelettromeccanica has developed the “High Speed” line of CNC tooling, which literally run twice as fast as any other CNC profiling tools on the market. Through extensive research, Marmo has developed a new matrix of diamonds and metals that is capable of these never seen before speeds. The innovative EHS Copper Bonding Line increases the productivity of your CNC machine up to 5 times, running at incredibly high feed rates (Feed rate up to 10,000 mm/min). While this tooling can be run up to 400 inches per minute, we recommend a feed rate of 200 inches per minute. This is still twice as fast as other brands increasing productivity without dramatically shortening tool life. Estimated life for the EHS CNC tooling is 6000 linear feet average.

Granite and Quartz

Pos 0 Segmented

It is of primary importance during the grinding step. It is made with helicoidal segments with avoids a hammer effect. The modern and innovative sinterization process allows high speed grinding and long lifespan.

Pos 1/2/3 Sintered EHS

Extra EHS with copper bonded special diamonds execute the profile in an astonishingly fast speed.

Pos 3 Bi Power

This wheel does not loosen its shape and allows a perfect profile rectification. These polishing wheels will work in ideal conditions, have a longer lifespan, and allow the perfect final polishing.

Pos 4/5/6 Long Life

The innovative polishing patented technology from Marmoelettromeccanica used on polishing Long-life wheels. They have high quality diamond bonded on an elastic core. This unique technology allows lots of advantages: very long lifespan, halved working times, total absences of lines, exceptional polish with unbeatable results on marble, granite and quartz.

This is a brand new line. If there is a profile you are interested in that is not listed please contact us at 1-800-289-6834.

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