DeFusco Industrial Supply has one of the largest selections of diamond cutting equipment and accessories for working with stone, tile, brick, blocks, and concrete. Every stone saw, tile saw, masonry saw, and concrete saw we carry is carefully reviewed before we make it available, to ensure that it meets or exceeds all industry standards. These power-cutting tools and accessories are the best in their class and we make them available to you, at discounted prices.

If you’re looking for a saw that is designed for cutting stone, we carry the high quality brand names professionals’ trust, like Abaco, MK Diamond and Barranca. The requirements for getting a clean cut in stone are extreme and in order to get quality cuts every time, you need the best stone saw available. Whether you are looking for a poor man’s bridge saw, rail saw, or a full size gantry saw used to cut full slabs, we carry a complete line of stone saws designed to fulfill your specific demands. Only our stone saw packages can give you the absolute perfect cut every time on the site, in the shop, or in your own backyard.

If your project requires a tile saw or wet saw this is the right place to find the highest quality tile saws at excellent prices. These durable, professional strength tile saws use diamond blades in order to provide you a chip-free straight cut every time you need to cut ceramic, marble, granite, or even porcelain tile. Every one of our tile saw packages has been put together so you can get the absolute perfect cut every time by giving you the power and toughness necessary to complete your project correctly.

If you work in the masonry industry and need a saw with power and precision to cut through bricks and blocks, we carry a wide variety of masonry saws from Clipper Norton and MK Diamond. These brands are well known by professionals in the masonry industry to manufacture high quality, reliable, and efficient masonry saws at affordable prices. Most of these saws come with stands and blades included. We also carry a large selection of masonry blades and accessories.

If you require a concrete saw that is dependable, we carry a vast selection of walk behind and self-propelled concrete saws that will provide you with years of reliable service. These high power concrete saws will help get you through the toughest of jobs quickly and accurately.

We ship all of our saws to locations nation-wide using UPS and most of our stone, tile, masonry, and concrete saws include free shipping as an added bonus to our already discounted prices.

Saws for Stone, Tile, Masonry & Concrete. Get the best prices on high quality saws; DeFusco Industrial Supply is a leading retailer of Tile Saws, Masonry Saws, Stone Saws, and Concrete Saws.