We carry a large selection of high quality grinding discs used to cut and shape either metal or masonry materials. They will provide you with long lasting, dependable, and fast removal rates of the hardest metal or stone materials. These durable blades are also very economical since we keep them prices so low and they can cut so much. Made by name brands like Tyrolite Abrasives, Continental Abrasives, and Camel to ensure the best quality at the lowest price.

In order to get a finished product out of your raw metal and stone you will have to put them through several different processes. The majority of which deal with changing their shape, size, and appearance. One of the fastest and most effective ways to change the shape and size of these hard materials is with a grinder and the proper grinding disc or wheel.

When using your grinding disc, you’re basically removing unwanted stone and metal materials at faster rate and in an easy way than if you used a handheld single edged tool, like a chisel. Of course, a grinding wheel works more like a file, a very high-speed file, using multiple edges to cut away at your raw materials. Although a grinder can be used as part of the manufacturing process, since it is used as a cutting instrument. They’re better known for they’re finishing abilities. Grinders can achieve so much more than just cutting through a pipe or stone. They can also sharpen, shape, and provide a professional finish to your raw metal and masonry edges.

The grinding wheel or disc consists of a large number of abrasive particles that have been bonded together to create a very effective cutting edge. There are benefits to using grinding wheels like the extremely fast removal rate and the ability to create a very smooth finished surface. Removing hardened metals, concrete, and stone is very difficult by hand with a chisel or file, a grinding wheel is the most practical solution for these applications. The grinding wheels we carry are very aggressive and require very little pressure, making it very easy to keep your materials in place when shaping them.

Save yourself money, time, and a headache by choosing the correct wheel for the materials you are working with. Using the wrong disc may damage the disc, the materials you are working with, and will result in less cutting power. If you are uncertain about which girding disc you should use for your materials. Contact us by email or phone and one of our knowledgeable staff will gladly help. Don’t forget to ask about our bulk discount pricing, at DeFusco Industrial Supply we do everything we can to help you work less, save time, and keep more money in your pocket.