You’re in the right place to find top of the line brand name chop saw blades and cut off wheels for metal, masonry, and ductile materials. At DeFusco Industrial Supply we only carry top brands like Metabo, Bullard, Camel, and Continental Abrasives that make cutting through masonry and hard metal a breeze. These are the number one choice for professionals because they provide long life and fast accurate cutting. Make your job easier and save money by buying from us.

In the automotive, manufacturing, fabricating, and construction industries, the ability to shave away at tough surfaces is made possible with chop saws and abrasive cutoff wheels. These Abrasive cutoff wheels allow you to cut through metal, stone, masonry, and plastic, when fabricating auto body components, cutting iron piping, and fixing an under-slab leak. Knowing which blade is right for your current application is important and will save you time and money.

If your task at hand requires cutting through metals, the large assortment of metal cutoff wheels we carry are sure to get the job done. These cutoff wheels, sometimes referred to as metal abrasive blades, grind through metal materials using an abrasive mineral-grit that is bound by resinous adhesives and formed into discs. When these discs are spun at high speeds, they are able to cut through sheet metal, pipe, and metal bars with ease.

When stone is the material to be cut, our selection of masonry cutoff wheels will provide affordable solutions. These wheels cut through stone and cement products like brick, concrete, granite, mortar, and so much more. These masonry cutoff wheels are made in the same way that metal cutoff wheels are made only they consist of mineral grits specifically designed to cut through stone materials. These wheels provide fast cutting for a long time, even when cutting hard materials like granite.

The ductile blades that you will find on our site are designed for cutting through ductile iron pipe. These premium quality cutoff wheels come in 12 and 14-inch sizes and can be used in either your high speed hand held saw or a bench mountable saw. Ductile cutoff wheels are multi-ply abrasive wheels that are fiberglass reinforced to make them shatterproof and extend their life. Using these blades will not only save you money but will make your job easier.

If you’re looking to purchase a large quantity of any of these cutoff wheels, we offer large quantity discounts to save you even more money. Call us today and one of our sales associates will be glad to help you get the best price on your order.