At DeFusco Industrial Supply, we do our best to organize our large selection of products into categories in order to make it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Unfortunately, once in a while, we do come across products that don’t really fit in any one specific category. Although these products don’t have a category of their own and get listed under the “Miscellaneous” label, they still play an important roll on the jobsite and in the shop.

Industrial strength hand cleaners consist of our soft touch and tough touch hand cleaners. These industrial strength hand cleaners are water based and enriched with lanolin. These bottles of hand cleaner come in a large 22-ounce size.

‘C’ Clamps are an excellent way to hold materials in place while adhesives are drying or while you are working on them. The ‘C’ clamps that we carry consist of a steel body and brass-plated screws to minimize maintenance. These top quality ‘C’ clamps also come with a lifetime guarantee.

The Hex bits that we carry are of the highest quality and designed for daily use. With ribbed tips that provide positive traction on your screw heads, there is no need to worry about them stripping out on you.

Water supply line connectors are ideal for connecting your sink fixtures or toilets to a water supply line. On our site we carry a standard 12-inch line, but we can acquire them in any size or length. Email us with the specifics of what you need, including how many, and we will get back to you quickly.

Purchase your caulk cartridges in bulk from us and benefit from our greatly discounted bulk prices. We carry both Silicone sealants and paintable siliconized acrylic caulks that are ideal for most maintenance and OEM applications.

Tile spacers provide you with an inexpensive method of creating grout joints uniform in size. Just set them in place while laying your tile and them remove them before you grout. Tile spacers are available in sizes from 1/8-inch to ¼-inch.

Buffing pads and wheels are manufactured of either muslin or felt materials and are excellent for polishing your natural stone surfaces. These top quality and high-density pads use the Velcro hook and loop backings for easy changing.

We stock top quality name brand incandescent and halogen light bulbs to fulfill all your shops lighting needs. With light bulbs available for indoor and outdoor use and in several wattages, we carry the lights you need.

If tape is what you looking for, this is the place for you. We have electrical, duct, Teflon, and flagging tape with multiple colors to choose from.

Cable ties are an ideal way to reduce the unsightly clutter of cables and cords that can be found behind almost any desk. At home, in the office, or the garage, use these cable ties to tie up the loose ends.

We also carry heavy jacketed booster cables in multiple sizes with 450 amp welding clamp ends. These are perfect to keep in your trucks. The Booster cables that we stock meet all safety codes.