Our dressing stones are designed to sharpen and therefore bring back the like new cutting performance of any diamond saw blade. Simply cut through one of our dressing stones a couple times with your diamond saw blade and effectively remove its glazed over bonding compound, all the dull rounded diamonds, and expose the sharp layer of diamonds underneath. Save money and extend the life of your diamond saw blades with one of our low priced dressing stones.

Diamond saw blades consist of a core, rim, bonding compound, and a large number of small diamonds. The diamonds are embedded within the bonding compound and are what actually chip away at and cut your raw materials. As you cut through your materials, these diamonds slowly become dull, rounded off, and less effective for cutting. The bonding material that holds the diamonds is specially designed so that the rounded diamonds fall out while cutting in order to expose the sharp diamonds beneath them.

Diamond saw blades come in many styles, with different quality diamonds, and varying strengths of bonding materials designed for cutting through different materials. If you’re cutting with a diamond blade that is not designed for cutting the materials you’re working with, or if you’re using a lower quality diamond blade, the bonding material may not wear down properly. When the bonding doesn’t wear down properly, it can lead to the diamonds becoming dull without falling out.

In order to get the best performance from your diamond saw blades, it’s important to keep a layer of sharp and properly exposed diamonds to chip away at the materials you’re cutting. Without properly exposed cutting diamonds the saw blade will start glazing over, causing uneven wear that destructively tears though materials, and creates large amounts of heat causing friction. Additional effects resulting from glazed over diamond saw blades include blade-tensioning problems, premature blade wear, excessive vibration, and will eventually damage your diamond saw blade beyond repair. Frequent and proper use of a dressing stone will prevent damaging glaze from forming, increasing the life of your blade and producing cooler, precise, and more efficient cutting.

When cutting through a dressing stone, it’s recommended that you cut thin slices of one end of the dressing stone. Don’t cut off big chunks of stone with each pass. Small slices produce the same results as big cuts and will extend the life of your dressing stone, providing you with additional savings. If you have a large number of diamond saw blades that require a good dressing or would just like to save more, we offer bulk discounts when you purchase larger quantities.