Buffing pads and wheels are used with polishing compounds to efficiently remove deep scratches and imperfections from your natural stone surfaces and produce a high luster finish. At DeFusco Industrial Supply we stock buffing pads and wheels in several styles designed to simplify your stone buffing applications.

When buffing and polishing, the main objective is to remove rough and unappealing scratches from your stones surface in order to create a smooth surface with a beautiful shine. The surface of every stone that you work with will have its own unique surface conditions, so they may require using different compounds and adjusting your procedures in order to effectively produce that professional shine. That’s why we stock a wide selection of buffing pads, wheels, and compounds, offering you everything you will require to accomplish a professional finish on any natural stone surface.

When attaching your buffing pad or wheel to your electric grinder, always make sure you turn the power to the grinder off, easily accomplished by unplugging it. Remove any wheel that is currently attached by following the manufacturer’s instructions and then attach and firmly anchor your new buffing pad or wheel. Turn the power back on to the grinder, or plug it back in and allow the buffing pad or wheel to reach full speed. Apply your desired grit abrasive compound evenly to the spinning buffing pad. It’s recommended that you only apply compound to the wheel or pad, adding compound to the stone is not required and may result in using too much compound, which will create a greasy surface and minimize effectiveness.

While buffing your stone, there are two basic motions, which produce their own unique buffing results. The first is the cutting motion and is achieved by moving your stone against the direction of the spinning buffing wheel on your grinder while using a medium to hard pressure, which will aggressively remove any scratches or imperfections. The second is the referred to as the color motion and is achieved by moving your stone with the direction of the spinning buffing pad or wheel while using light to medium amounts of pressure, which smoothes the surface to a high luster shine.

Work your way through abrasive compounds, starting with larger grit (smaller number) and progressively moving to smaller grit (larger number) until you reach the shine you desire. Whenever you change the compound you are using, change the buffing pad or wheel as well. Failing to change out your buffing pad or wheel will result in mixing grits and the inability to increase the shine of your natural stones surface.