Have you ever pull your utility knife out of your toolbox, tool belt, or drawer, only to find that the blade is dull or badly rusted? Even worse, you open the handle only to find that you are out of replacement razor blades. If you purchase your replacement utility knife blades a few at a time, their cost per blade can be very expensive. Purchasing your utility knife replacement blades at DeFusco Industrial Supply in our bulk quantities lets you pay much less per blade.

You have a utility knife, now it’s time to select the appropriate utility knife blades for your applications. Utility knife blades come in a wide variety that ranges from standard straight blades to elaborate and curved blades. When choosing your utility blades, remember that it’s the tip that counts. After all, for the majority of cutting applications that you would use a utility knife, you cut using only the tip of the razor blade.

Remember, when choosing your utility knife blades some brand names cost more, and the brand name doesn’t matter. Choose a utility blade brand that has a reputation for producing good quality blades that wont cost you a large amount of money. What it comes down to is getting a good blade that will fit in your utility knife and accomplish your tasks.

Determining which blade is the right one for your application, the shape of the blade will make all the difference. Utility knife blades can be categorized into three different tip shapes. If you’re going to be working in tight places, an extremely thin and sharp clip point utility blade is ideal. A similar style, the drop point blade, has a thicker tip that provides additional strength for less detailed work. Lastly, for box cutting and repetitive straight cutting tasks, a wharncliffe blade has a rounded back that will allow you to place your finger on the back of the blade for additional leverage and control.

When it comes to utility knife blades, size does matter. Smaller blades have their advantages like lower weight, quicker sharpening, more precise cutting, additional comfort in your pocket, and they are safer to use. Larger blades will provide you with a larger cutting surface, faster cutting and higher durability. It’s important to check into your local laws and regulations when choosing larger blades. Some blade lengths may not be legal in your area to carry concealed within your pocket, keep this in mind when selecting your utility blade.