At DeFusco Industrial Supply we care about the safety of you and your employees. For that reason, we carry a large selection of construction and industrial grade safety equipment and personal safety protection that all meet occupational health and safety codes set by OSHA and ANSI. Our stocked inventory consists of back support bets, hard hats, hearing protection, dust masks, safety glasses, caution tape, first aid kits, and fire extinguishers at our always discounted prices.

Fire extinguishers are an important piece of safety equipment for every office or jobsite. We carry only top quality fire extinguishers that feature high ABC ratings, are industrial rated, are rechargeable, include mounting brackets, and meet all ANSI/UL standards.

First aid kits provide your employees with a peace of mind that they will be okay in the unfortunate event that they get injured on the job. Every first aid kit we carry meets the required standards set by OSHA and include everything you need to treat cuts, burns, and general mishaps that occur out in the field or in the shop.

Yellow caution tape will alert your employees and the general public of dangerous hazards that may be present at, or around, your jobsite. Keeping you and passerby’s safe.

The back support belts that we carry are comfortable to wear, yet industrial grade, so they will support your lower back when you need it. Back support belts feature hook and loop flaps, adjustable suspenders, and lower back protection.

When things get loud on your jobsite or in your workplace, you should have hearing protection available for your employees. The earmuffs and earplugs that we have in stock will keep the decibel levels down in order to protect your employees hearing. The saying “If it’s too loud you’re tool old” should be “If I had worn ear plugs back then, I could hear you now”.

A hard hat will protect your head from impact with other objects, falling debris, weather, and electric shock. The hard hats that we carry are of the highest quality, industrial grade, and meet ANSI and OSHA safety codes. These hard hats are available with ratchet style or snap-adjust headsets.

Safety glasses and goggles are an important item that should be part of your available safety equipment. These safety glasses and goggles will protect your eyes from flying particles, spray, and dust. We have a large selection of single and double lens industrial grade glasses that come in styles your workers will wear. All of our glasses and goggles meet OSHA and ANSI safety codes and are light-weight, non-fogging, and will fit over your employees prescription glasses.

We keep three different dust masks in stock to protect you and your employee’s lungs from dust and harmful particles that may be present on your jobsite or within your shop. These Dust masks all meet OSHA and ANSI codes and will provide a cleaner breathing environment.

No matter what you need for your shop or jobsite we can get you high quality safety products that will meet all your workplace requirements at the lowest prices.