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Diamonds, either naturally or synthetically made, are not easy to use as tools for industrial use. For that reason they are processed into small grains and bonded to a valid working part of a power tool. This bits, cups, grinders, blades and polishers are normally referred to as diamond tools. These diamond tools are used in a wide range of industries, including mining, medical, construction, and electronic information and depending on their use, are manufactured in many different ways.

Metal bonded diamond tools are manufactured by mixing small diamond grains with metal powders. Then this even mixture is pressed into shapes and sintering using a mechanical process. Diamond tools of this type are the most common and include diamond saw blades, core drill bits, cup grinding wheels, and many more.

Resin bonded diamond tools are made by mixing these small diamond grains with a resin powder and a proper filler material like copper. These materials are shaped by either cold or hot pressing them, curing, and then mechanical processing. These resin bonded diamond tools make good polishing pads due to their impact tolerance, self-sharpening, elasticity, and grinding efficiency.

Diamond plated tools are either made by CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) or electroplating to evenly distribute one or more layers of small diamond grains onto the tools surface. These diamond tools have long life, high grinding precision, and are very efficient, which makes this process great for cutting and drilling tools.

Ceramic bonded diamond tools are created by mixing small diamond grains with either ceramic or glass powders. Then they are shaped, sintered, dressed, and sharpened into chemically stable, brittle, and elastic diamond tools like grinding tools.

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) processing is usually used for machining tools and geological drill bits. This process is done using micro-sized diamond crystals that are sintered using high pressure and high temperature. This process creates a disorderly array of crystals making the wear and hardness of the final tool even in all directions.

PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Composite of Compacts) is made the same way as PCD with the exception that they also add a layer of cemented carbide. These tools will provide excellent wear resistance combined with the strength of carbide.

The final process used in making diamond tools is high-temperature brazing. This is a new process where the diamonds are evenly arranged and soldered to the tool at extremely high temperatures that exceed 900 degrees Celsius.