If you’re looking for the highest quality specialty diamond blades including tuckpoint blades, electroplated blades, crack chasers, brazed blades, and concave rim blades, you’re in the right place. We keep a constant supply of these blades for cutting and shaping marble, onyx, granite, stone, and tile. These specialty diamond blades are ideal for chip-free fast cutting, mortar removal, crack repair, sink bowl cutting, widening existing cracks, and creating new joints.

Each of these specialty diamond blades is specifically designed for a particular application and to provide you with professional quality results every time you use them. If you are unsure of which specialty diamond blade will provide you with your desired results, you can always contact us via email or phone and one of our knowledgeable staff members will gladly help you.

Diamond tuckpointing blades look a lot like standard diamond blades, since they are constructed with heat-treated steel cores that have powder metal and diamond dust segments. The major difference between these and standard blades is that diamond tuckpointing blades are thicker in order to achieve the tasks they are designed for. These blades are designed for mortar removal during crack repair, restoration, and decorative applications. These blades are ideal for cleaning and preparation of concrete, marble, granite, stone, block, brick and pavers when creating new joints.

Electroplated blades are designed for making safe cuts when working with brittle materials. Providing fast chip-free cutting of onyx, marble, and other natural stones that can be difficult to cut cleanly. Electroplated diamond blades consist of a higher density of abrasive grains that are fixed in a thin layer with a tougher bond than standard blades. These blades are sharp providing faster cutting efficiency, require no repair, and are ideal for use in handheld grinders.

Crack chasers are diamond saw blades that are specially designed to repair concrete cracks by grooving, routing, and widening existing cracks for resealing. The small size of these crack chasers makes them ideal for use in most right angle grinders. These are top quality, name brand blades that will provide you with stable performance throughout their long life.

Brazed diamond blades use advanced technique of diamond brazing in order to produce a free cutting edge. Use for cutting various marble, granite, and concrete materials while maintaining a high level of efficiency and superior quality at higher cutting rates.

Concave rim blades are designed for use by professional fabricators and the challenging applications they come across. Ideal for cutting out your sink bowls, cutting circles, and cutting ovals, by hand, with speed and precision.