When you have floors, slabs or even installed stone or concrete counters that needs to be resurfaced, using the proper equipment is critical in order to produce the results that you want. For resurfacing a floor, use a machine that will stay level and grind and polish your concrete or stone to a high quality finish. The brands we carry (Klindex, Weha) are known in the industry for durability and high quality. They can be used with a variety of tooling from metal diamonds to grind the floor flat to resin bond diamond to polish floors. They can be run with brushes to give an antiqued or leathered look and they also can use a variety of DIP pads. We stock all of this tooling also.

If you are resurfacing a slab or a counter top, the small UFO units are high powered  three head planetary machines designed to get the job done right. Again, these can be used to hone, polish or brush stone or concrete depending on the tooling you use with them. The UFO machines are made in Italy by Klindex and are in high demand!

When using any surface grinding or scarifying equipment don’t forget to use proper safety protection such as gloves, safety glasses, dust masks, water hoses, and ear protection, which are also available here at discounted prices.