Both gas and electric surface grinders come with either one or two spinning heads to grind away and smooth your flooring. They can be used to remove just what is on top of your flooring or even remove a thin layer of the concrete foundation itself, depending on what grinding abrasives you have attached. Surface grinders are great for removing epoxy, paint, pool deck, and other materials that are difficult to remove from concrete. They do this while leaving your concrete foundation pretty much untouched. If your flooring is uneven, not level, or the joints just don’t match up, surface grinders can also be used to correct these issues by removing thin layers of concrete. These surface grinders create a porous surface that allows paints, epoxies, and other coatings to bond securely.Surface scarifiers differ from grinders because they plane or grind surfaces much like a wood sander or planer would do to a piece of wood. When scarifying concrete, you are making shallow cutes and scratches a lot like a garden rake dose to dirt. A surface scarifier is often used when a job is too big for a grinder to handle. When you have concrete joints that have lifted up at the joints creating a safety hazard or if you need to remove a large amount of material from your flooring, a surface scarifier will remove it quicker than a grinder will. The scratches/groves left behind by a surface scarifier will also create pockets for your new overlay material to bond to securely.When using any surface grinding or scarifying equipment don’t forget to use proper safety protection such as gloves, safety glasses, dust masks, water hoses, and ear protection, which are also available here at discounted prices.