Tarps and straps are some of the most common and versatile tools that provide efficient and cost-effective solutions on the job site, in the shop, on the farm, at the marina, or in your own backyard. Because these tools are used in so many applications, it’s always a good idea to keep several on hand just in case. At Defusco Industrial Supply we stock tarps in several sizes and ratcheting straps in various lengths, all at discount prices.

Tarps are extremely adaptable and can provide you and your equipment with protection from the sun, rain, and wind at any time, in any location. We carry heavy-duty, industrial grade, silver tarps that are three times thicker and much more durable than the cheaper blue and green tarps. These silver tarps are reinforced and made using polyethylene making them waterproof, which will prevent mildew and keep them from rotting in the sun. Included grommets make it easy to hang these tarps overhead or cover/wrap your valued equipment for protection from the weather.

Ratchet straps are important and effective tools used to lift and secure materials to trucks for transport. These straps provide greater strength and are easier to use than ropes, making them a more efficient alternative when securing heavier materials. Simply attach the hooks at either end to the truck, use the ratchet to tighten the strap, and tie off the excess strap for secure containment of your materials. The industrial-grade ratchet straps that we carry are manufactured using hardened steel hardware that is zinc plated to provide rust resistance and the Allied Signal nylon straps are available with either flat hooks or J hooks depending on your specific needs.

If you need a tarp or ratchet strap that is not listed for sale on our site, please contact us via email with your specific needs and one of our staff members will get back to you as soon as possible.