We carry a complete selection of stone saws, stone fabrication machines, and accessories to fulfill your home, workshop, or construction site stone working needs. Our stone saw packages are designed to supply you with the proper equipment required to achieve an absolute perfect cut every time.

Whether you’re in the market for a poor man’s bridge saw or a full size gantry saw for cutting full slabs, we have the highest quality stone saws and accessories at the lowest possible prices.

New technologies and advancements in the industry are constantly decreasing production times, lowering costs, and improving the final product. At DeFusco Industrial Supply, we stock the latest products to help keep you and your shop ahead of the competition, like the new MKDX Bullnose machine from MK Diamond. This fabrication machine allows you to cut your costs by performing perfect 45-degree miter cuts in porcelain, marble, or granite tile on the job site. Now you can fabricate your tile and stone on location, with results that look like you did your fabrication in the factory.

So if you’re looking to increase production in your small shop, or looking to upgrade you current equipment, you’ve come to the right place. The saw is vital to your shop’s production rate, so if your shop is experiencing a bottleneck, odds are, it’s due to a saw that is lacking in performance and it’s time to consider purchasing a new high quality stone saw. We stock professional grade stone saws from manufacturers you can trust, like MK Diamond, Abaco, and BARRANCA.

The quantity of materials that can be cut by any saw is determined by many factors. The type of material you are cutting, harder materials take longer to cut. The edge or shaping that you wish to accomplish, if you are fabricating a counter top with a very detailed design, it’s going to take longer than if you are installing a 90-degree edge. Finally you must consider the blades you are using, top quality diamond blades, like the ones we carry, are going to provide you with consistently clean cuts and a higher rate of production.

Out of all the equipment and hand tools in your shop or on your job site, including a high quality stone saw is the best way to improve your projects final outcome. The name brand saws we stock will provide you with exceptional performance and offer a quick return on your investment. If you are uncertain which saw will provide you with the best results for your needs, contact us and one of our associates will get back to you with a recommendation based on our more than twenty-five years experience.