Glaxs glue is another revolutionary product from Tenax. This BI-component glue can be used either indoors or outside without having to worry about it darkening, yellowing, or breaking down in the sun. Glaxs will not stain your stone surfaces. It can be used with any granite, marble, quartzite, quartz or engineered stone including the UCS products. Originally available in clear for use with white marble and light colored granite, Glaxs is now available in a plethora of pre-colored cartridges. Glaxs is a solvent free, low viscosity, odorless natural stone glue with medium reactivity for safe, simple, and affordable use.

Glaxs offers you the flexibility of using it inside or out, offering a 15-year guarantee that it will not yellow in the suns UV rays. Another great benefit is that Glaxs curing time is not affected by temperature so it cures in about 20-25 minutes inside, outside, summer, and winter. Truly superior over all polyester glues and methacrylate cartridge glues, Glaxs is UV stable and much stronger than those glues. Where and when you choose to use Glaxs doesn’t mater. With the cartridges you always get the right ratio of resin to hardener.

Glaxs glues also come in pre-measured packages to make mixing simple. If you’re going to mix the whole product, it’s measured out in the proper ratio and your read to mix. If you want to use a smaller amount, you’re going to need to pull out your digital scale. The mixture of these two components must be exact. Proper mixture and ratio are crucial, if you’re not sure or think it’s to complicated to use a smaller amount, forget about it and just use the whole package or get the cartridges.

Our cans of Glaxs offer 400 grams of Glaxs glue components and will need to be mixed in a separate container. Where our Glaxs pouches have both part A and B already in the bag, separated by a middle seal. Simply break the seal like a glow stick and mix the parts together inside the pouch. Once both parts are thoroughly mixed, open the package and apply, no additional containers or additional mess are required. Before applications make sure both surfaces of your stone are completely clean and dry.

At DeFusco Industrial Supply we offer a quantity discount on Glaxs, so if you’re looking for a large quantity or have any questions contact us. One of our sales representatives will gladly help.