Keeping your drill bits organized in a drill bit index is the simplest way to give yourself quick access to all your bits. The drill bit indexes that we carry are U.S. made by name brands to ensure the highest possible quality. Our selection of drill bit indexes includes drill bits ranging from 1/16-inch to 1/2-inch in size depending on the number of bits in the index. As always, at DeFusco Industrial Supply you will find the highest quality tools at the lowest possible prices.

Trying to find the right size drill bit that is stored in a box with others is a truly daunting task. Drill bit sizes change in 1/32-inch increments that are much too small to see with the human eye. By purchasing or building a drill bit index of your own, you will be able to quickly change bits knowing that it’s the exact size you are looking for without having to try and read the size imprinted on the bit, a task that may require 20/20 vision or a magnifying glass. If you already own your own drill bits but don’t have them contained within an index, there is an easy solution.

To build your own index is an easy project than can be accomplished in less then a half and hour. First you’ll need to arrange all of your drill bits in order by size, smallest to largest or largest to smallest. Find a scrap block of wood, or new if you prefer, and cut it to a size that can fit within your drawer or can be slid out of the way on your workbench. Draw a line down the center of it lengthwise. Now use a ruler to make a mark every half-inch, giving enough room for you to grab each bit from your new index. Now work your way through your bits, drilling a hole with each bit. Make sure you do not drill all the way through, or your new index will not be able to hold that bit. Once you have made a hole for each bit, you can insert each bit into their hole. You now have a drill bit index custom made for your set of drill bits.

You should always use caution when using any type of cutting tool and drill bits are no exception. The knife like edge on a drill bit has no preference on what it cuts through. A sharp drill bit can cut though flesh even if it is not in use. Use caution when changing out drill bits. Also, drill bits can kick dust and particles up into your face, some of which can be very hot, wear protective glasses whenever using a drill.