Protex is the absolute best sealer for both smooth and porous stones. This sealer works great on granites, marbles, sandstone, limestone, flagstone, travertine, brick pavers, and even concrete. Protex provides the ultimate protection from stains caused by water, oil, and other liquids penetrating your stone. It also works well on stones with sandblasted or flamed surfaces. We carry Protex at reduced prices so you can seal all your indoor and outdoor stone for less.

Stone is a very versatile building and decoration material due to its durability, strength, ability to be shaped, insulation properties, and the large variety of types and colors to choose from. This makes stone an ideal and popular choose for use in bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, around pools, on walls, and in public areas. Stone does have its downside, the makeup and porosity of stone makes it prone to several types of damage if not sealed properly.

Tenax Protex natural stone sealer is a specialized penetrating stone sealer used to protect low absorptive surfaces like polished porcelain tiles, yet is still very effective on high porosity stone. Because Protex has a small molecular structure, it is able to penetrate the microscopic pores of most tiles and repel stains created by oil and water, while allowing the tile to breathe. By treating your natural stone and tile surfaces it will make your routine cleaning tasks much easier to accomplish.

To apply Protex to your stone surfaces you must first make sure it is free from any kind of dirt, dust and grease. If any of these substances are present on your stone it can influence the final appearance of your stones surface. When applying Protex to your stone, use a clean brush, sponge, or cloth, to spread it evenly across the surface. It is possible to apply too much sealer to your stone. Apply enough that your stone can become thoroughly saturated, without leaving puddles. After a few minutes wipe away any excess sealer in order to avoid creating a superficial stick film. If your sealer does puddle and you do not remove it in time, you can use a little mineral sprits to try and remove it. Repeat the process as needed. Full anti-stain protection will be achieved 24 hours after application.

As with all cleaner or sealers for stone, we recommend that you follow the manufacturers instructions for use. Also, do a small spot test to make sure that this product will produce your desired results, failing to do a spot test could result in damaging your stone surface. When used properly, Protex will provide excellent protection against stains without creating any superficial films on your natural stone.