Sealing granite, marble, travertine and other natural stone is essentially stain-proofing your stone. If you have an unsealed light colored stone and you spill red wine on it the wine may get into the micro-pores of the stone and leave a stain which can remain there even after many cleanings. This is because you cannot get to the bottom of those pores to clean out the product which caused the stain. The best way to avoid this is to use an impregnating sealer which will fill those micro-pores with a clear solid. A basic law of physics is that two products cannot occupy the same space at the same time so by using a sealer you are not allowing the pores to remain open and for the stone to get stained. All of our sealers work well to prevent stains from water based or oil based products.

An impregnating sealer does not affect the gloss of the stone when used correctly as it does not stay on the surface level. It sinks into the stone. If you use too much and it stays on the surface level it will generally cause a problem like a milky finish, a smeary surface or a greasy residue on top of your stone, none of which would appeal to me and I doubt they would appeal to you either.

Whether it is new construction, refurbishment or maintenance, if it has anything to do with tile, masonry or stone, De Fusco Industrial Supply has been among the leaders in the field. For thirty years we have sought to bring new technologies, the finest equipment and the most innovative products to our customers. From the residential do-it-yourselfer to the very largest commercial contractors, we strive to meet and exceed their expectations at every turn. This includes our unwavering attention to detail, problem solving and sharing the collective knowledge of our entire team of sales associates, equipment experts and restorative stone product specialists.

Expertise in tile, masonry and stone goes far beyond our fine line of abrading, cutting and coring equipment. Since ancient civilizations first utilized natural stone to build their homes and cities, it was apparent that the beauty of these materials needed to be preserved. Thousands of years of trial and error eventually resulted in new techniques and state-of-the-art technologies. At DeFusco Industrial Supply our superior line of stone sealer products have the ability to preserve the beauty of tile and stone in a way that the ancients could have only dreamed of. Let’s take a quick look at the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the stone sealing process.

Marble, travertine, granite and other natural stone, and even engineered stone, may look tough and permanent, but they all have an inherent weakness…they’re very porous. These materials have thousands, sometimes millions of micro-pores per square foot. These pores are natural ‘traps’ for dirt, grime, oils and liquids of every kind that can blemish, stain and dull the natural beauty of the tile or stone surface. Once these contaminants get into and to the bottom of the pores, they can be very difficult to remove, which affects the overall appearance. The best way to avoid this problem is to use a quality impregnating sealer which basically fills the natural pores with a clear but resilient solid. All of our sealers work to prevent stains from solids, water and oil-based materials, and when used properly, these sealers will not affect the natural luster or patina of the stone. It’s protection without detection.

Virtually all of the stone sealer products offered by De Fusco are manufactured in Italy by Tenax, whose long history of creating stone preservation materials is considered second to none. Our Pro-seal Stone Sealer is an overall ‘best value’ for penetrating and sealing almost all natural stone, including exotic granites, limestone, sandstone, Terrazzo and even engineered stone. It’s easy to use and it leaves no residue or film that might detract from the natural color inherent to the stone.

Ager Sealer and Tiger Ager Sealer are specially formulated resin-based sealers that enhance the deep rich colors of the stone, while also hiding small surface scratches. This is not a polish but it will provide a ‘wet’ look as it protects the stone and it can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings with equal and lasting results.

Our Protex Sealer for Stone is considered to be the best for both smooth and porous tile and stone surfaces. This easy to apply penetrating sealer works very well on all granites, marble, travertine, limestone, flagstone, sandstone, brick and even most concrete. Protex provides the ultimate protection against stains caused by water or oil-based materials and virtually any other liquids one can imagine.

The long-term natural beauty of any tile, masonry or stone surface can only be as good as the protection and care that they’re given, and we’ve only ‘touched the surface’ here. The entire line of Tenax professional stone care products offered by De Fusco Industrial Supply will insure that all of your tile and stone work will look, feel and perform its best for many years to come…we’ve got you covered.