These wet cutting silent core diamond saw blades use revolutionary and innovative new technologies in order to provide up to 15dB of noise reduction when in use. With up to 30 times less noise produced, these silent core blades are ideal for job sites located in residential areas, near schools, or any location that is sensitive to noise.

Silent core diamond blades use specialized blade cores that reduce the high-pitched whine caused by vibrations, making them significantly quieter than other cutting blades. Also, these silent core blades drastically reduce the whistle effect caused by air flowing through the gullets of the blade while it is spinning and allowing for quite operation of your power saw. These two noise-dampening features provide great advantages when you have to operate your diamond saw inside buildings where the noise produced is usually amplified by reverberations from the ceiling and surrounding walls.

At DeFusco Industrial Supply we carry the highest quality silent core diamond blades available on the market. These silent blades are manufactured by top brand names like Disco-Sea, Slayer Diamond, and Diamant-D to ensure they will provide you with fast aggressive cuts for a long period of use. Wet cutting silent core diamond saw blades are ideal for cutting hard materials such as granite, marble, and concrete in areas where high noise levels could pose a problem. We carry a wide selection of silent core saw blades at prices lower than the competition. Whenever possible we will further discount our already low prices for multiple saw blade purchases.

Although these silent core saw blades greatly reduce the noise produced during operation, it’s highly recommended that you still continue to wear proper ear protection while operating your power saw. Hearing protection is something that every saw operator should put on first, before turning on the saw. In many cases hearing loss will creep up on you without any warning. In most cases, by the time you realize you’ve damaged your hearing, it’s too late to reverse.

We also recommend that you always use proper eye protection, your standard eye glasses are not sufficient for stopping projectiles that may come from your saw while cutting. If you don’t have, or are looking for hearing and eye protection, we also carry a vast selection of both, here on our site. At DeFusco Industrial Supply, while we carry a large selection of saws and blades to help you get the job done fast and correct, we also carry everything you need to keep yourself and your employees safe while in the shop or in the field.