Depending on the nature of your current or upcoming jobs, you may be required to do some touchups, or paint an entire property. If either case pertains to you, you’ve come to the right place. At DeFusco Industrial Supply we carry top quality paintbrushes in widths from one to four-inches, roller covers with naps from 3/8th to 1-1/4-inch, and roller cover frames that are perfect for home and industrial applications. Get your painting tools from us at discounted prices.

Don’t let our low prices on these paintbrushes fool you. These brushes are high quality industrial grade chip brushes that will surely help you get your job done efficiently. Manufactured by Linzer, these brushes are constructed with a wooden handle and china bristles that will last for many painting projects, but are priced low enough to throw away. The paintbrushes we keep in stock are perfect for many applications, but are most often used for making touchups and painting edges and corners around doors and windows.

Just like the paintbrushes we carry, these paint roller covers are available in several sizes. Paint rollers are ideal when for painting larger surface areas like walls and ceilings, because they get the job done easier and faster. When using paint rollers we do suggest that you keep several paintbrushes on hand, since paint rollers are not very effective when making touchups or painting edges.

Below are suggestions of other common items used on most painting projects. All of these Items are also available from us. Feel free to take advantage of our search box above to quickly locate these or any other items on our site.

Before you start painting you will want to protect any flooring, furniture, or other items you don’t want paint to get on. An ideal way to protect these items is by using drop cloths, large pieces of material that can be spread over items you want to protect. Painter tape will assist you in tight areas to keep your drop cloth in place and cover seams. You will also want to properly prep your surface to be painted. Sandpaper will help smooth your surfaces, caulking will help fill any gaps or cracks that need to be painted over, and a duster will help you clean the surface before you apply paint.

If painting with a roller, a large bucket that you can place a painting grid into will come in very handy. Pour your paint into the bucket, insert the grid, and you are ready to paint your surface. Once you have completed painting, be sure to thoroughly clean all of your brushes and rollers in order to extend their life. A good way to ensure your paintbrushes are clean is to use a wire brush to remove paint from deep within the bristles.