At DeFusco Industrial Supply we carry a wide selection of silicon carbide stone cup wheels manufactured by name brands like Magnum Abrasives and Slayer Diamond. The silicon carbide stone cup wheels that we carry are available in several different grits and sizes that are all perfect for grinding granite, marble and other natural stones.

The two-inch deep silicon carbide stone cups listed on our site come equipped with a 5/8″ x 11 threaded arbor allowing them to fit any grinder. These top quality abrasive stone cups meet or exceed all safety codes, feature an aggressive removal rate, are excellently balanced, and remove scratches quickly, leaving your natural stone surface ready to be polished. These features make these silicon carbide stone cups ideal for taking out the scratches left behind by your diamond cup wheels and router bits. Use these stone cups to transition from your diamond shaping tools to your polishing pads and you won’t be disappointed. Our granite shops love these for their American made high quality and because they are so easy to redress.

Basically a cup wheel is a large sanding disc that is used by installers to sand and polish stone flooring after they have installed it. In most cases they bring the polished finish up so high that the granite, marble, or other stone floors have a lustrous shine that gives them a “wet look”. If your floors have this “wet look” and you don’t want it, you can use a cup wheel to remove the extra high shine. Cup wheels made with silicone carbide are ideal for removing the “wet look” without leaving unsightly scratches behind like other stone cup wheels might.

This task is easily achieved by securing your silicone carbide cup wheel to you angle grinder. This process may differ from grinder to grinder. We recommend that you refer to your angle grinders owner’s manual for direction on how to do this. Once securely attached, turn your angle grinder on and place the stone cup wheel flat on your floors surface. Slightly move the stone cup wheel across your floors surface in an overlapping circular pattern in small sections, about one-foot at a time. Be careful only to remove the shine, if you start seeing an accumulation of powdered stone residue, you’re cutting too deep into your floor. After grinding your floor should be somewhat rough and dull in appearance and should feel like natural stone. Vacuumed up your freshly created dust with a dry vacuum cleaner. Never use water. Wetting the stone at this point can cause stains. Seal your stone with your choice of sealer designed for your stone.

We offer quantity discounts on the silicon carbide stone cup wheels that we carry. Buy more and save.