With these high quality large diameter dry cutting diamond saw blades you will get more cut for your buck. If your job consists of cutting through substances like roof tiles, asphalt, block, brick, concrete, or other masonry materials, you will see an excellent return on your investment when using any of the large diameter blades listed here.

These dry segmented diamond blades are made with large diameters that rage from 12” to 20” making them perfect for use in your hand held circular saws, brick saws, high speed saws, or walk behind saws. These diamond blades are designed with a metal core, which segments are laser welded to in order to provide fast cutting without segment loss. The tall segments help keep the blade cool during cutting condition that would normally require a wet saw, without the use of water and the mess it leaves behind.

At DeFusco Industrial Supply we don’t carry low quality blades. The entire selection of saw blades that are found on our site are manufactured by top name brands that have proven track records and outstanding reputations for providing superior quality, long lasting saw blades at affordable prices. Our large list of diamond blade brand names include MK Diamond, Disco-Sea, Diamond Italia, and Slayer Diamond, just to name a few. These brand name dry cutting diamond blades don’t just provide economical value, they create cleaner cuts at a faster pace, making your job easier.

If you’re working outside and not worried about slurry mess, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers has stated that dry cutting diamond blades can also be used for wet cutting. Most of our large diameter diamond saw blades are designed for use in both dry and wet cutting applications. So if you’re taking on a massive project you can use these large diamond blades in your wet walk behind saw and achieve more efficient, sharper, and faster cutting. It’s important to remember that although these dry blades can be used in wet cutting application, you should never use a wet blade for dry cutting. Using a wet saw blade for dry cutting will wear the blade faster, ending its life early, and may create a safety hazard.

If you’re looking for a segmented diamond blade in a smaller size, or in a size or style not listed here, we most likely have it listed in another location on our site. Please take advantage of our search box above to try and locate your desired blade. If you are still unable to locate your desired saw blade, contact us, we either have it or one of our experienced staff members can locate it for you. Bulk purchases of these large diameter dry segmented diamond saw blades will receive additional discounts.