We only carry diamond profile wheels that are manufactured by top quality brand names like Slayer Diamond. The excellent design of these diamond profile wheels allow you to cut and profile your stone or tile in just one pass. Producing professional quality clean cuts when used on just about any ten-inch tile saw. These diamond profile wheels are made specifically for bullnosing porcelain, ceramic, granite, and stone, but are effective when used on virtually any material.

In general diamond profile wheels are made in various shapes and sizes that are used to cut or grind the surface of your materials in order to create your desired edge. The diamond profile wheels that we carry use the latest “Vacuum Brazed Technology” to ensure that you will receive a profile wheel that will provide aggressive grinding action, an extremely long life, and will not lose its profiling shape like other lower quality profile wheels. By removing material quicker, you will save time and be able to complete your projects at a faster pace. The extended life of these diamond profile wheels ensures that you get the absolute best value for your purchase. Since these diamond profile wheels do not lose their shape, you will save both time and money because you will not need to have them dressed. No matter what your job requires, these diamond profile wheels are the perfect solution for your entire tile profiling needs.

Operators that have little to no experience with fabrication have been able to create perfectly uniform bullnosed edges in tile while using these high quality diamond profile wheels. If you have ever had any issues while trying to profile porcelain or other materials with conventional impregnated profile wheels that provide slow and inconsistent turns, then you should give these a try, you will be glad you did and you will love the results from these diamond profile wheels.

Make sure you always take all safety precautions when operating any saw and follow the recommendations provided by the profile wheels manufacturer. Never operate any cutting equipment without the use of the proper blade guard or exceed the maximum RPM’s recommended by the manufacturer. Keep yourself safe by using proper eye protection and hearing protection. If you follow these simple rules, you will have a wonderful experience with these diamond profile wheels.

Don’t settle for any lower quality wheel, these diamond profile wheels will produce professional results at a fraction of the cost. At DeFusco Industrial Supply we are always looking for ways to provide you with better value with every purchase and that’s why we provide even greater discounts on higher quantity purchases.