We keep in stock a wide selection of 12” to 20”, dry and wet walk behind diamond saw blades that can be used with high speed hand held saws like the “Partner” or with your walk behind saw. All of the high quality walk behind diamond saw blades that we keep in inventory are made by name brands that professionals know and trust like Diamante Italia to ensure they provide professional results, long life, and fast cutting speeds. Made for professionals at discounted prices.

The expression “hard as a rock” is commonly used to describe the challenging task of cutting through stone or concrete. When using the proper equipment, even the novice can make quick clean cuts through the hardest of materials. In order to properly cut thought hard stone and concrete floors you’re going to need a large power saw that includes a powerful motor and a durable, high quality, abrasive blade. At DeFusco Industrial Supply, we carry a large selection of power saws in other categories on our site, but if you looking for the right diamond saw blades for your walk behind saw, you’re in the right place.

When selecting a walk behind diamond saw blade it’s important to choose the correct blade for your equipment and the scope and scale of your application. We carry a wide selection of both dry and wet cutting walk behind blades. Our wet cutting walk behind diamond blades are designed for use in saws up to thirty-five horsepower, however the selection of dry blades should not be used in any saws over 20 horsepower. These walk behind diamond saw blades are available in styles for cutting green concrete, cured concrete, and asphalt, with our without reinforcement and will literally cut circles around similar blades that cost twice as much.

These walk behind diamond blades will do more than just cut, they can be used to make decorative designs in pavement flooring and walls most often found within museums, colleges, and hotels. When it comes to making these decorative patterns in concrete slabs, the walk behind saw is the most commonly used tool for the job. Using a smaller saw blade will allow you to easily make beveled edges in concrete walkways. Larger sized saw blades are typically used when there is a large amount of design work to be done. If you need help making the right choice for your application, please send us an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.