If you’re looking for diamond tooling for your fabrication companies automated machines, you’ve come to the right place. We carry top brand names like Tyrolit-Vincent, Diamante Italia, Tenax, And Abrassive Technology to ensure that every diamond tool you purchase from us provides you with the absolute best performance and value. It doesn’t matter what shape, size, or position tool you are looking for, we have it, or can get it for you at a discounted price.

When it comes to CNC diamond tooling, we stock a full line of common diamond tooling bits in many sizes and shapes like Sinkhole & Basin, Demi Bullnose, Full Bullnose, Straight Profiles, Ogee, and several styled bits that combine the above. If you’re looking for a not so common bit, or a completely unique and custom bit, we can have one made for you. Call us today.

To extend the life of your costly diamond tooling bits, we also carry several segmented breakers and huggers that are excellent for creating smooth straight profiles or rouging in your slab edges. Smooth edges will prevent your CNC bits from jumping or chattering and roughing slab edges will remove excess material, minimizing the wear on your more expensive CNC bits. These bits are designed for burn and chip free operation while producing minimal noise.

In order to get optimal performance from these diamond CNC tools, make sure you run them with the correct amount of water in a properly maintained high-powered machine. These tools are the fastest available on the market today and are ideal for profile shaping of granite, engineered stone, and other hard materials

If finger bits are on your list of tools to purchase, we have you covered at rock bottom prices. These diamond finger bits are from top brand names like Slayer Diamond and Tyrolit-Vincent to ensure fast, clean, and efficient results. When our customers use these, they report cutting speeds as high as 20 – 25 inches per minute (we recommend cutting at 15 – 18 inches per minute to get the longest life out of your bits, which is still extremely fast). Ideal for use on granite, marble, and other stones from soft to hard, these are one bit cuts all. You have to love that. With there premium construction, you’ll really have to work hard in order to snap these bits.

The snail lock systems that we carry also come from name brands; EdgeSlayer, Abrasive Technology, Tenax, and Diamante Italia in sizes ranging from four to five inches. These sets will allow you to get the perfect polished bullnosed edge on all of your stone materials with your machines.

Slabmaster polishing heads are made by Abrasive Technologe and are ideal for flat polishing granite slabs. Used to surface polish and re-polish on planetary machines like the park wizard.