When it comes to diamond grinding cups, wheels, and drums for concrete, we stock a wide selection of top quality solutions for your application. At DeFusco Industrial Supply we are dedicated to making your job easier while saving you money and that’s why we only carry brands like Slayer Diamond and Diamante Italia.

Although these diamond grinding wheels, cups, and drums may not be the cheapest cost per cup on the market, they will provide you with faster cutting for a longer period of time, making them the most cost effective solution in the long run. Also, these diamond grinding cups, wheels, and drums provide many additional benefits such as minimal to no vibration, low-noise, and extreme efficiency. Diamond grinding wheels are one the most popular tools used by professional home improvement specialists and home do-it-yourselfers when it comes to shaping and grinding stone, concrete, granite, marble, and other masonry materials.

When choosing which diamond cup, wheel, or drum is right for your specific application, you first need to take into consideration the hardness of the concrete you are about to grind. If you are going to by grinding and shaping concrete that is hard, you will need to select a diamond cup, wheel, or drum that has a bond that is softer. This will allow the diamonds to fall out as they become blunt or rounded off, ensuring that you will continue to grind at a faster rate. However, if your concrete is softer, you will require a bond that is harder allowing you to keep using the diamonds for longer, since they will take longer to become dull.

In normal concrete grinding applications, there are two phases that will usually require two different grinding cups, wheels, or drums. During the first phase you will need to use a diamond cup with a softer bond, higher diamond toughness, larger grit (somewhere between 35 grit and 50 grit), and a lower concentration of diamonds. This combination of characteristics will produce faster grinding and improve your over all working efficiency. The second phase is commonly referred to as fine grinding or polishing. You will need a diamond cup with a harder bond, lower diamond toughness, between 80 – 120 diamond grit, and a higher concentration of diamonds. This combination will produce a more precise finish with a higher shine. You can always go over your surfaces again with a smaller grit-polishing pad if you desire a higher gloss finish.

If you are unsure about what products are right for your concrete grinding applications, contact us by phone or email and one of our staff members will be happy to help you get the proper products to accomplish your task at hand.