If you’re looking for a top quality, professional masonry saw at a great price, you’re in the right place. At DeFusco Industrial Supply we only carry the highest quality masonry saws that are manufactured by brand names like Clipper and MK Diamond, so you know you’re getting masonry cutting tools that you can depend on. In most cases our masonry saw packages come with saw blades and/or stands and we will ship them to your commercial address for free.

Masonry is an art form, and just like a painter needs to have the different paints, canvases, and brushes to accomplish their desired results, masons require the proper saws, blades, and accessories. Using cheap or improper tools will create flaws that will be easily identified when the job is complete. We carry masonry saws, blades, and accessories designed specifically for working with stone, concrete, tile, brick, marble, granite and most other materials, so that we can provide you with correct tools required to get the job done right.

In order to achieve professional looking clean cuts in your stone, brick, or concrete, you must first choose the proper saw. The saw you choose will greatly depend on the type of materials you are cutting, where you are cutting them, the size of the materials, and your personal preferences. If you choose a saw that recognizes all of these factors, you will get clean, professional looking cuts, every time. If you need assistance in selecting the perfect saw for your project, contact us and one of our staff members will help you choose the correct saw for your project.

When cutting hard materials, your masonry saw diamond blades will need to be changed regularly in order to achieve continuously clean cuts. Here are a few things to keep in mind when changing blades that will keep you safe and speed up the process.

Always unplug your masonry saw before you attempt to change a blade, this will eliminate any chance of you accidentally turning the saw on and injuring yourself. To keep both your hands available, clamp your saw down to your workbench and open the blade guard. If your saw is older and does not have a blade lock, locate the hole in you saw blade and insert a small screw driver or drill bit. This will keep the blade from moving while you loosen the bolt that secures the blade. Remove the retaining bolt, slide out the old blade, set it aside, and clean out any dust in the blade housing. You can now install the new blade making sure not to over tighten the retaining bolt. Unclamp the saw, plug it back in, and you are ready to make another clean cut.