The extra heavy duty vinyl aprons that you’ll find on our site are designed to keep your torso dry while everything around is getting soaked. Specifically made for anyone that works with wet tools such as wet stone grinders, wet stone polishers, or wet tile saws. These aprons are waterproof and will effectively keep your torso dry, however if you want to keep your arms dry as well, consider purchasing a set of protective vinyl sleeves to go with the extra heavy duty vinyl apron.

An apron is a pretty common piece of outer protective clothing, which is primarily designed to cover the front of a person in order to provide protection to clothes from stains, wear, and tear. Aprons are found in use in many industries including food, hospitality, nursing, domestic, and manufacturing. They are available in several styles from the simple waist apron, which just protects from the waist down, to full body length apron that protect from the neck to the floor. The waist apron is most commonly used in the home or kitchen as a dishrag or a place to wipe your hands. Full body aprons are ideal for working environments where you know you’re going to get messy.

Since aprons can be made out of just about any flexible material, they are great for all sorts of different applications. Depending on your application, you should choose one made of a material that best suits your requirements. If your looking to keep your clothes clean while working in the garden or while in the kitchen cooking and doing dishes, a cloth apron will best work for you. Where carpenters will be better suited with an apron made of leather, which includes several pockets for holding their tools. However, if you’re a fabricator and working with wet tools to shape stone, your needs will require an extra heavy-duty vinyl apron, like the ones you’ll find on our site. These aprons will provide you with the best protection from flying stone chips, provide storage for additional polishing pads, and will keep your torso dry.

When wearing your apron, it is very important that it stays securely in place. That’s why both standard style waist aprons and full body aprons include two straps, one on either side, which can be tied behind your back to keep them in place. For added security, full body aprons will also include a strap that is hung behind your neck in order to keep the upper portion of the apron in place, allowing it to protect your torso. Some aprons have shoulder straps designed to cross behind your back making them easier to put on. However, we have found that more protection is provided with the neck strap and that’s why our extra heavy-duty aprons include the neck strap instead.


Protective sleeves are designed to keep your arms dry, while protecting your shirtsleeves from becoming stained. Each sleeve has an elastic band on each end to ensure that they fit securely and prevent contaminants from reaching your arms. Most often these vinyl sleeves are used during light duty industrial applications in grooming shops, clinics, food processing, laboratory environments, car washes, and when working with wet tools.

Vinyl sleeves offer an inexpensive, quick, and simple way to save time and money. Although simplistic in design, these vinyl protective sleeves will save you a lot of time spent trying various mixtures in the laundry room attempting to remove stains from your shirtsleeves. They also save you money by eliminating the need to throw out the shirts that you weren’t able to get clean. Simply slide one of these vinyl sleeves over each of your shirtsleeves and get to work. When you’re done working, our vinyl sleeves are durable enough to clean and store for later use, although cheap enough to toss out as well.

White protective vinyl sleeves aren’t just for contractors anymore. The popularity of our vinyl sleeves is growing with homeowners, hobbyists, and crafters. They have found that vinyl sleeves help keep their clothes clean as well. For the homeowner, cleaning and repairs are very common. When cleaning rooms that have been neglected, reaching behind electronics, and making minor repairs, homeowners tend to get their shirtsleeves covered in dirt, grease, and other stain causing substances. Wearing protective vinyl sleeves while performing theses tasks is an easy way for homeowners to save both time and money.

During meal preparations, at home or in a restaurant, anyone that cooks knows how messy cooking can be. These protective sleeves will not only keep their shirtsleeves clean, they will help prevent the spread of contaminates such as salmonella, e-coli, and other germs that may cause themselves and others to become ill. By wearing vinyl sleeves for tasks like removing the innards from a turkey and afterward disposing of the sleeves, you can keep your cooking environment much more sanitary.

Hobbyists find that by wearing protective vinyl sleeves while enjoying their crafting projects, they can spend more time crafting and less time cleaning. Substances like glue, paint, and glitter, tend to be attracted to their clothing and vinyl sleeves provide an ideal barrier to stop them from ruining their shirts. Another benefit offered by these inexpensive sleeves is that they are small in size and can easily be packed away with the rest of their crafting supplies.