If you work in the stone or glass industries, chances are at some point you are going to come across a slab you cannot manipulate without assistance. At DeFusco Industrial Supply, we understand the value of your materials and strive to provide you with the highest quality glass and stone material handling equipment available. If your project requires you to work on it, store it, move it, lift it, or install it we carry the right equipment to assist in completing your task.

There are three primary factors in choosing the correct material handling equipment to fulfill your needs. The first and most important thing to consider is what do you want to do with it, equipment designed for storage most likely isn’t going to make a good working surface. The second factor consists of the weight, size, and shape of your materials. A lifter designed to transport 50mm slabs would not be a wise choice for moving 75 mm thick granite, and would create a major safety hazard. Finally you have to consider price, if it’s out of your price range you’ll have to find an alternative. We’ve done our research, scoured the market, and continue to negotiate prices with manufacturers in order to bring you the highest quality material handling equipment at the lowest possible prices.

After more than two decades supplying our customers with high quality tools, accessories, and equipment at affordable prices, we have found that Abaco Machinery manufactures the highest quality material handling equipment. Setting the industry standard since 1995, Abaco Machinery specializes in manufacturing and supplying the world with high quality lifting equipment and cutting machines that will provide value to your business. Their wide range of products include a-frames, dollies, tile and stone saws, dehydrator water filtration systems, slab racks, remnant racks, forklift jibs, and slab lifters, just to name a few.

Since the introduction of the Abaco little giant lifter in 1998, Abaco’s lifters have become the most popular and sought after products for handling glass and stone materials. Abaco Machinery will never stop their mission to create new equipment and improve their current products in order to fulfill the every changing requirements of the granite, marble, and glass industries.

From storage to fabrication, sales to instillation, if your tasks include storage, lifting, moving, or storing granite, marble, or glass, it is our goal at DeFusco Industrial Supply to provide you with the equipment you need at the best prices on the market.