We at De Fusco Industrial Supply have long been known for our professional line of stone, tile and masonry cutting and coring equipment, not to mention our unmatched selection of stone cleaners, polishes and stone sealers. What’s more, all of these products were painstakingly developed to do their jobs beautifully and efficiently on the stone and tile materials that nature provided us. However, there have always been situations where people wished to have stone or tile with a color, a patina or some enhanced appearance that was simply unattainable from nature…what then?

With years of experimentation, patience and the advent of some state-of-the-art chemistry, the day is now at hand where we can repair, re-color and rejoice in the ability to enhance natural stone products to a degree never before achieved. Our Tenax line of stone treatments are capable of creating some of the most amazing patinas, colors and finishes to satisfy those who want their stone surfaces to have an enhanced or unique appearance.

Sometimes, prior to color work, a stone surface may require some small repairs to chips or imperfections. We now have Tenax CA Superfast Stone Chip Repair Kits which utilize space-age resins with a spray-on catalyst to quickly fill and repair small holes, chips and fissures in natural stone. If the stone happens to have some rust or acidic stains, our venerable Tenax Rust Poultice Stain Remover will work where other products simply can’t.

Often a stone surface simply needs to be embellished to ‘bring out’ those hidden highlights just under the surface, or perhaps it just needs to have a deeper gloss. Cera Fluida Liquid Wax and Terra Solid Wax Paste are just two of the easy-to-use stone surface treatment products that we recommend to produce a luxurious long-lasting shimmer on almost any natural stone material.

Last, but certainly not least, is our complete line of Tepox V Stains for stone. Available in seven shades; black, brown, gold, green, red, yellow and blue, these specially formulated stains were designed to penetrate and enhance the natural color of most porous stone. When used on generally neutral shade materials like travertine, sandstone and limestone, these stains can also change the color of the stone to almost any desired hue, even for material in outdoor environments.

As a final finish to various engineered stone surfaces there’s our complete array of Stone Clone Stone Refinishing Kits and Klone-it Turbo Stone Resurfacing Kits to clean, smooth and rejuvenate those surfaces to a like-new condition.

At De Fusco, our unparalleled line of professional grade stone treatment products will do just what they say they’ll do…treat your natural and engineered stone and tile to look as beautiful as nature had always intended…and then some!