There are countless manufactures of drill bits that are made using many different materials to create bits of varying shapes, sizes, and types, used to accomplish all kinds of tasks. Selecting the right bit for your job can be a daunting process and at DeFusco Industrial Supply we understand how important it is to have the correct bit to get the job done right. That’s why we carry a wide selection of high quality heavy-duty drill bits in all shapes and sizes that will last a long time.

Our selection of high quality American made drill bit indexes are available in 13, 21, and 29 piece drill bit sets. These drill bits are designed for daily use at home or on the job site and come with a indexed case to keep them in order for easy selection of the proper size drill bit.

The rotohammer chisels and ground rod drivers that we stock are approximately ¾-inch in diameter and provide fast installation of your ground rods. These rotohammer chisels and ground rod drivers have a proven track record for providing superior performance on the job. Out of the thousands we have sold, only 2 have been returned and we gladly replaced them, no questions asked.

SDS and spline shank rotohammer bits provide the convenience of quick bit exchanges and efficient power transfer from your drill to the drill bit. Bits with 5/8-inch diameter or grater are made of the highest quality carbide and include two extra nibs to provide a total of four cutting edges. These four cutting edges will increase the amount of concrete getting pulverized and speed up the drilling process. The specially designed flutes on these bits clear out concrete dust quickly to speed up the drilling of deep holes.

Carbide tipped drill bits with straight shanks are designed to quickly and efficiently make holes in masonry, concrete, and stone materials. Although these carbide tipped drill bits are designed for use in straight shank drills, you can also use them in your percussion and rotary drills.

Super duty drill bits are manufactured using molybdenum steel, giving them the sharpness of titanium coated drill bits. The noticeable difference in these bits comes from the metal, since there is no coating to wear away, they will stay sharper for longer.

The heavy-duty design and wide throat design of the auger bits we carry make them ideal for drilling though wood that is embedded with nails. The auger bits we supply are precision machined to create wobble free, smooth boring.

We also stock step drill bits that have a titanium nitrite coating that gives them a longer lasting cutting edge and an extremely long life. These bits are the preferred step drill bits of our electrical accounts.