The most frequently used tool in any garage, shop, or on any worksite has to be the tape measure. Whether your building a fence, creating a brace for a shelf, putting in a new stud wall, or installing a stone countertop, the first tool you will pull out is your tape measure. If you’re searching for the absolute best prices on tape measures, we have you covered. We carry retractable tape measures in lengths from 25 to 300-feet, from name brands, and at discount prices.

When drawing up and planning for a job, before it even begins, the tape measure comes out of the toolbox. These small, hand held, and convenient tools are probably the most important tool any do-it-yourselfer, or professional builder has in their possession. Having correct measurements is the only way to achieve professional results on any project, so it makes since to use only the highest quality tape measure. That’s what we carry, high quality, professional tape measures that provide accurate measurements.

There a many terms that refer to the retractable tape measure including auto tape measure, measuring tape, and tape measure. All of these names refer to a measuring device that consists of a small case from which measuring tape is unwound. The ruler part of the tape measure can be allowed to automatically retract itself or be locked into place depending on the jobs current need. The design of these devices is really ingenious, allowing for one-handed use of these convenient, lightweight, and invaluable measuring devices.

One-handed use is made possible due to a small 90-degree piece of metal that is attached to the very end of the measuring portion. This little 90-degree piece of metal will allow any craftsman to accurately measure without any assistance. Hooking the angled metal over the end of a board or any edge on other material and pulling on the case, the tape measure is extended. After getting an accurate measurement, the craftsman can retract the measuring portion with a simple shake of the tape, which will cause the angled metal to come loose. The internal mechanisms within the case can now retract the tape automatically.

Reel tape measures work in a similar fashion, but allow for measuring much longer distances. Using a much thinner measuring portion that has increased flexibility usually made of fiberglass, plastic, or thin steel. These come in both open reel and closed reel styles. Open reel simple means that the tape is exposed when it’s wound up, and closed reel implies that the tape is fully enclosed within the housing when wound. Both styles include a crank handle on the side that is used to retract the extended tape.