The top quality single edged razor blades that you’ll find on our site are made in America with a heavy gauge, which makes them perfect for most industrial applications. Their standard fit interchangeable design will allow you to select one style of razor blade and then use it in all of your razor blade tools. We always keep a large number of single edged razor blades in stock so that we can offer them to you in bulk quantities at the lowest price per razor blade.

Razor blades are commonly given a numerical description like 9 or #9 razor blade. This numerical value indicates the total thickness of the razor. For example a #9 razor blades thickness is .009-inches, where a #12 has a thickness of .012-inches. Thicker razor blades offer more durability and can withstand more pressure than a thinner razor blade. However, thinner razor blades do have their own advantages like increased flexibility, which gives them the ability to bend easier and minimize breakage. No matter what thickness the razor blades you select, they all come with identical interchangeable folded over backings that will work in all of your standard size razor blade tools.

The razor blades that we carry are packaged for large quantity purchases and in most cases are not individually wrapped or split into smaller cases. The majority of these blades are packaged with 100 single edged razor blades bundled together in one box. By reducing the amount of packaging required, we are able to save money and pass those savings on to you. Since these blades are packaged in large quantities they are perfect for warehouse, factory, and commercial use were you would go through a large number of razor blades on a continual bases. Because these razor blades are in bulk and not wrapped individually, you should make sure that you handle them with care and have adequate safety procedures in place. As the name suggests, the cutting edge on these single edged razor blades is “razor” sharp and will quickly cut though flesh with minimal effort.

At DeFusco Industrial Supply we always want to make sure you get the highest quality supplies at the lowest possible prices. We never carry low quality or cheaply made products in order to achieve our incredibly low prices. We get you lower prices by supplying you with bulk quantities. If you are looking to purchase an even larger supply of single edged razor blades than what we have listed on our site, or are looking for a different style, contact us. We will be happy to assist you in getting the right product at the best price.