At DeFusco Industrial Supply we know the challenges of working with and the fabrication of marble, granite, and other stone materials. Based on our experiences and the continual feedback from our customers, we have selected the best available epoxies, polyester resins, crystal mastic, sealers, agers, and filers for these stones and made them available to you at the lowest prices.

Epoxy resins are very versatile and can be used in countless applications such as finishing, as an adhesive, and in inlays. Epoxies come in two part solutions that include a resin and a hardener that when mixed together create a strong bond. Available in slow and fast curing varieties that can be think or thin depending on what your application requires. No matter what your application, we carry the correct epoxy to fulfill your needs.

Polyester resins/glues are primarily used for laminating marble or engineered stones, but can also be used as a fill for seams on any natural stone material. Used for a variety of applications like bathroom sinks, countertops, vanity tops, bathtubs and accessories because when these resins cure they will resemble the look of your natural stone. Depending on your specific application, polyester resins are available in knife grade and flowing.

Crystal Mastic is not an epoxy or polyester, it is glue that dries fast like polyester and provides a strong bond like epoxy. This crystal clear bond provides you the best of both products, in one easy-to-use glue. Crystal Mastic is perfect for use on all granites and marbles, and excellent for lamination of most natural stones.

Stone sealers are designed to protect your marble, granite, sandstone, flagstone, travertine, limestone, and other similar stones against water and oils that may penetrate, damage, and stain your stone. Sealers are available as topical sealers, penetrating sealers, and impregnating sealers depending on the type of stone and the amount of protection the stone requires. Most sealers dry crystal clear, but some are designed to enhance the stones color and bring out its natural beauty.

Stone fillers do exactly what the name suggests; they fill cracks, gaps, and holes that may be present within your stones. Over time stones wear and crack with age, using these fillers you can fix these damages without having to replace your expensive stones, saving you time and money. Once your filler has dried you can sand it down for a matte finish or polish it to a high mirror shine in order to match your stones appearance.