With today’s economy its more important than ever to get the most from every dollar you spend. Ad Defusco Industrial Supply we’re here to help you do just that. We carry high quality name brand PVA discs for polishing your granite, marble, natural stone, and even glass surfaces, for rock bottom prices.

PVA discs are a quick and easy way to polish stone and glass edges without any of the mess that comes with wet polishing. These PVA discs provide an excellent high gloss finish when used with almost any high-speed grinder. The best part about using PVA discs instead of wet polishing equipment is that there is very little learning curve, and the stone-polishing novice can achieve a professional finish.

We only carry the highest quality brand names that professionals know, use, and trust, like Alpha Professional Tools and Barranca Diamond so you know you are getting a PVA polishing disc that will get the job done right. These polishing discs are ideal for surfaces that hard to reach such as baseboards, surface edges, and corners. The best part is that these aren’t for just on stone, you can also use them on woods, ceramics, metals, stainless steel, and even on glass tile.

The marble shops that purchase these polishing discs from us, love their Makita style for use on contours and irregular surfaces like chamfers, curved edges, rounded edges, and bead moldings. Tile and floor installers find that these PVA polishing discs are ideal for use on baseboards with profiled edges made of all materials. All our customers agree that these PVA discs are wonderful hand tools used for polishing stones of irregular shape in hard to reach locations. These PVA polishing discs can be used on your marble surfaces either before or after you install them, if needed you can even use them before and after install.

The PVA polishing discs that we carry are made of silicon carbide abrasive and a Polyvinyl Alcohol bond to provide a long lasting and affordable way to polish you stone, metal, and glass surfaces. For added savings and ease of use, these PVA polishing discs come in color-coded packs of 10 ensuring the best possible value. If you need more than 10 discs to accomplish your large applications, we offer quantity discounts to ensure you get the most for your money. If your not sure which discs are right for your application or material, contact us by email or phone and one of our experienced staff members will help you get the right PVA polishing discs for the absolute best price.