At DeFusco Industrial Supply we carry a large selection of high quality diamond polishing pads and backers that are ideal for use on granite, marble, concrete, and glass. If you have a surface you need to polish, we have the pads and backers you need to get the job done fast with the degree of gloss finish you desire. These polishing pads and backers are available in 3”, 4”, and 5” sizes for both wet and dry applications, so please be careful when placing your order.

There are countless tools and accessories used to prepare, flatten, and grind hard surfaces like stone and concrete. Ideally, once you have produced a smooth, flat surface, you will want to create a fine polished shine to show off all your hard work. These polishing pads are designed to help you quickly produce a more consistent finish on all of your surfaces, without using any harsh chemicals. Comparing the diamond polishing pads and backers that we carry with other available products, these pads will achieve the same glossy shine in less time, at a lower price.

Diamond polishing pads and backers are essential in order to achieve an excellent glossy shine on all your natural stone and concrete surfaces. The diamond polishing pads we carry are designed to help you efficiently create your desired gloss finish on your straight and contoured surfaces made from marble, granite, fabricated stone, natural stone, and concrete. If you’re preparing your surface for the first time, performing regular maintenance, or its time for deep cleaning, these diamond polishing pads are the answer to your surface finishing applications.

It’s important to select the proper diamond pads and backers when performing any polishing tasks. With the vast selection available on our site it may be difficult to know which pads are correct for your applications. We do our best to thoroughly describe each product, but in the case that we left out some information, here are couple guidelines to follow when selection your polishing pads. To help avoid burning out your pads, wearing them out early, staining your stone, and keep them from flying off of your grinder, keep your grinders RPM’s within these limits. Wet pads can usually be used at speeds up to 4,500 RPM, where dry polishing pads should not be uses at speeds any higher than 3,000 RPMs. Also, these diamond polishing pad sets are designed to be used on specific material types, be sure to select the right pads for your application to ensure maximum tool life.