At DeFusco Industrial Supply we carry the highest quality of American-made rotohammer chisels and ground rod drivers available. Don’t buy the cheap imitations made in china, these USA made chisels and rod drivers provide a much longer life of demanding usage. Out of the thousands of ground rod drivers we have sold, we’ve only had two that had issues, and we gladly replaced them. We back these 100%, if you’re unsatisfied, we’ll replace it or refund your money.

These bits are designed for use in a rotohammer also known as a hammer drill, rotary hammer, or impact drill. These hammers have been given their name due to the hammering action they produce. The rapid hammering action allows the bits to pulverize brittle materials like concrete and stone producing a much faster drilling rate while using less effort. Some of these drills allow you to use the hammering and rotation functions individually or at the same time making them ideal for a wide variety of applications.

When using high quality bits like the ones we carry, these rotohammers are ideal for drilling holes in all types of masonry, stones, and concrete. The tips on these bits will break up the masonry and then the flutes of the drill bit remove the broken pieces. The added hammering motion will allow you to drill in stone and concrete at a much faster speed than if you where to use a regular drill. Due to the hammering action, a regular bit would become dislodged quickly. The bits we carry are designed with special shanks that are manufactured specifically to keep them secure with the hammering action.

When you use your rotohammer in hammering mode with no rotation, the premium chisels that we carry allow you to use your rotohammer in a similar fashion as a jackhammer to remove small chips of materials at a very fast pace. The ground rod drivers that we carry are also designed for use in this mode.

By turning off the hammering action and using only the rotary action, these rotohammers will work just like a regular drill allowing you to drill through metal and wood with ease. So there is no need to purchase both. These extremely tough tools provide you with all of the features of three useful tools in one.

If you have any questions about what chisel or ground rod is right for your applications contact us by phone or email and we will gladly help you get the correct tool to complete your task.