When you’re installing tile, whether it’s glass, porcelain, ceramic, or stone, the best choice for creating a perfectly clean cut, will be a tile saw with a diamond blade. If you’re using grout that’s a different color than your tiles, the importance of producing clean cuts increases, since the grout will highlight your cuts.

These tile saw packages contain high quality, professional grade, tile saws that will allow you to produce the absolute perfect cut, for the best price.

It’s virtually impossible to complete any project that requires tile instillation without having to cut a single tile. Choosing the proper tile saw will greatly depend on the project you are working on. If you are installing tile for your own bathroom, a small fixed tray saw would more than fill the demand, although you may want to consider renting one. For the professional tile installer, you will require a top of the line saw and diamond blades, of which we carry a wide variety. Either way, make sure the tile saw you choose can handle the workload, produce beautiful cuts, and last you a long time.

While on your quest for the perfect tile saw, you will come across three major types: small fixed tray saws, sliding tray saws, and overhead rail saws. Each of these tile saw types is operated differently in order to provide their own unique benefit.

Small fixed tray saws are probably the easiest to operate of the three and are suggested for use during simple jobs. To make your cuts, you simply slide the tile through the blade like you would when cutting wood with a table saw. These small fixed tray tile saws are lower in price, smaller, and lightweight making them ideal for household jobs.

Sliding tray saws are more geared towards the professional. These saws allow you to place your tile on a tray that is then slid through the saws blade for a cleaner cut. These saws allow for faster cutting during larger jobs. The sliding trays on these tile saws do wear down over time but can be replaced and are easy to find.

Overhead rail saws are mainly used for professional tile installations. These tile saws allow you to keep your tile stationary as you pull the saw blade through the tile. Because there are no side restrictions on overhead rail saws, you can create much wider cuts.

If your projects require using a tile saw, you’ve come to the right place. We carry the highest quality tile saws at discounted prices.

Tile Saws When installing tile clean, straight cuts are important. The top quality tile saws we carry produce clean with every type of tile, for the best price.