At DeFusco Industrial Supply we strive to have the tools you need to get the job done right, at prices you can afford. That’s why we stock these high quality titanium step drills that have long lasting titanium nitrite coated sharp edges that lasts three times longer than standard bits. All of our electrical accounts love these easy-to-use multi purpose titanium step drill bits. With 3 to 12 different step sizes to choose from there’s no need to constantly change drill bits.

Step drill bits are used to enlarge holes in sheet metal up to 1/4 of an inch thick as they are plunged through. Shaped like a funnel, each step on the bit is just larger than the one before it, allowing quick and efficient cutting. With smaller step drills, they are usually self-tapping so there is no need to create a pilot hole. With larger step drill bits you will need to create a pilot hole with a standard drill bit that is the same size as the smallest step on the step drill bit.

Why use titanium? The answer is simple; titanium is a very lightweight and hard metal with a high melting point. These three characteristics make it a perfect material for applications like cutting through metals. The strength of these bits allow for more-efficient cutting, allowing you to use a less powerful drill and making your job easier. Titanium step drill bits are great for drilling in wood, plastic, nylon pieces, and PVC, but are most often used for enlarging holes in metals like copper, steel, aluminum, and brass since titanium is much harder than all of these materials. Please note, these step drill bits are titanium coated, because making them out of solid titanium would be a very difficult and costly task. Do not try and sharpen these bits, it will damage them and leave a steel cutting edge that will become dull quickly.

Whenever operating a power tool be sure to take appropriate safety precautions such as wearing eye protection, either safety glasses or goggles. We recommend that you use some type of lubricant (oil) anytime you use one of these step bits to drill in metal. Using oil will reduce friction (heat) and increase the life of your step drill bit. Step drill bits are available in a wide range of diameters with many different choices in steps. If you are looking for a step bit that is not on our site, please contact us, we will gladly help you locate a step drill bit that will suit your needs without hurting your wallet.