The dust masks, particulate masks, and N95 respirators that we carry are ideal for use in wood shops, stone fabrications shops, auto body shops, or anywhere there are airborne particles present that may be inhale. We carry several different types and styles of particulate and N95 respirator masks that meet ANSI and OSHA codes at discounted prices.

Using a dust mask should be common sense. If there is a possibility of inhaling dust or other airborne particles while you’re working at home or on the jobsite, a dust mask should be worn to create a cleaner breathing environment. When you are working in conditions that contain very dense concentrations of particulates in the air, or highly toxic particles, a dust mask will not provide you with adequate protection. In these situations, use of a respirator is required.

Dust masks and N95 respirators are available in many different styles from the light-duty dust mask that has one elastic band to heavy-duty masks that include two adjustable straps creating a tighter fit and better seal around your nose and mouth. Since dust masks only filter larger particles they are ideal for sanding wood, road dust, working in the field, and other low particle situations. Heavy-duty respirator masks are great for use in industrial type settings where there may be dust, fumes, and microorganisms in the air.

The N95 respirators that we carry also offer a simple design that protects you from inhaling potentially hazardous materials through your nose and mouth. These respirator masks contain micro-fibers that allow you to breath normally while removing the harmful chemicals from the air. N95 respirator masks are available for several different uses and are often found being used when cleaning with toxic chemicals, in hospitals, paint shops, and other industrial settings. These masks are more durable than dust masks, can be used by everyone young and old, and are more comfortable to wear than most other respirators. These respirator masks come in very handy anytime you are enclosed in a confined space and don’t want to inhale the toxic fumes or chemicals that may be present in the air.

If you are unsure which of our dust masks, particulate masks, or N95 respirator masks are the ones you need for your working environment, contact us by phone or email. We will gladly help you choose the proper equipment to keep you and your employees safe in any hazardous working environment. At DeFusco Industrial Supply we strive to provide you with the best service and highest quality products for the lowest possible prices.