These English hook blades are manufactured to meet the high quality standards required to provide a long life of clean cuts. The heavy gauge of our hook blades ensures a higher resistance to chipping than any other blade available. These English hook blades are ideal for cutting through linoleum, flooring, roofing, and corrugated materials with ease. Designed to fit in any standard utility knife so you can easily mark and score surfaces or trim your laminate’s rough edges.

At you’ll only find the finest quality English hook blades, which include a unique deep hook design and are made out of the toughest tempered steel available ensuring that these hook blades will outlast all other brands of hook blades on the market. These English hook blades are specifically designed for applications that involve working with multi-layered materials like cutting linoleum or carpet without causing any damage to the foundation materials underneath. Their also perfect for use by roofing contractors that require a blade that produces quick, easy and hassle free shingle cutting.

In order for us to keep our low price, the English hook blades that we stock come in packages containing a minimum of 100 blades. Packaging these blades in larger quantities allows use to minimize our costs and pass those saving on to you. As with most of our products, if you buy more, you’re going to spend less. If you would like to further increase your savings by ordering a quantity that is not listed on our site, contact us and we will work with you to ensure you’re getting the best price per English hook blade.

For more than twenty-five years we have been providing floor installers, fabricators, homebuilders, electricians, and contractors with the top quality tools they need to complete their everyday tasks for the absolute best prices around. If you have any questions the support team at Defusco Industrial Supply will gladly help you select the proper hook blades that will suit your applications requirements while keeping the price within you budget. Our unsurpassed sales and support staff will use their knowledge and experience to answer all your questions and help you maximize your efficiency and productivity. Whatever your hook blade or other tool needs, we are dedicated to providing all of our customers, large or small, with top quality products that provide the highest level of performance and value at the lowest possible price.