China markers have been called by many different names including marking pencils, grease pencils, and wax pencils. The majority of these names refer to the materials they utilize for marking. Since china markers can write on almost anything, they are an ideal solution for writing on surfaces that other marking tools can’t, like metal, polished stone, ceramics, Mylar, plastics, and even glass. At DeFusco Industrial Supply we stock top quality China markers at affordable prices.

China markers look and feel more like a graphite pencil than a marker and the writing medium within these markers has an appearance more like the tip of a crayon, than a felt tip. These are the only factors that China markers have in common with other writing devices. The special formulation of grease or wax writhing medium within a China marker will allow you to write on surfaces that are impossible to mark with other writing devices like china, porcelain, and glass. The internal writing medium is bound with a think paper that allows you to use the China marker the same way you would a pencil. As the tip on your China marker wears down, you’ll need to sharpen it. You cannot sharpen a China marker in the say way you would a pencil.

In order to properly sharpen your China marker, you will need to remove a small section of the thick paper wrapper. Hold the marker with a firm grip in one hand, while using your fingers on your other hand to grasp the sting protruding from the tip. Slowly pull this string down the China marker approximately 1/8 of an inch. Carefully peal away the torn paper to expose the marking medium below. Tearing away too much paper, more than one or two coils, or writing with too much force, can result in breaking your China markers tip and creating a jagged edge that will not make good marks. Always leave the tip dull, trying to sharpen your China marker to a sharp or fine point, will also cause breakage and shorten your markers life. These writing utensils are made with a thick tip in order to create thick dark lines when drawing or writing on any surface.

The China markers that we keep in stock come in a wide variety of colors to choose from. These high quality markers are designed to mark on any surface without staining or damaging it. If for some reason there is a faint line of residue remaining after wiping off your surface, you can easily wipe it away with a small amount of mineral spirit and a paper towel. After clean up, make sure to use a new paper towel and a small amount of water to remove any left over mineral spirits from your surface.