If your project requires the filling, gluing, or sealing of natural stone, this is the place for you. At DeFusco Industrial Supply we carry a complete selection of the highest quality epoxies, mastics, coloring kits, and agers, for use in installing and repairing granite, marble, and other natural stone materials. The polyester resins and vinyl-esters resins found on our site are manufactured by brand names like Tenax and Stoneway so you know they will produce a bond that is sure to last a long time.

Polyester resins have become well known for having unquestionable durability and its multitude of uses. Most often used to repair holes and cracks that require the final outcome to be watertight such as damage to surfboards, kayaks, boats, and other objects where water is present. With how many different uses polyester resin has and because chemicals can be unstable, it is important that you have a basic understanding of how to properly mix and use these products.

First and foremost, make sure you are mixing the chemicals in ideal conditions that have good ventilation such as an outdoor facility or an open garage. Mix the compounds in a heavy-duty plastic tub or bucket that is large enough to for the completed mixture. Always read and follow the manufacturers directions and suggested mixture ratios. Keep your stirring, with a wooden stirrer, slow and gentle to ensure you create the proper union between the compounds. Occasionally stir from the bottom of your container, since the polyester resin tends to sit on top of the mixture. When the compounds are combined correctly, they will become a consistency that resembles toothpaste.

Once you’ve created your “toothpaste”, you can add a color to the mixture to achieve your desired results. Make sure you follow the instructions supplied by the manufacturer. After you’ve applied the Polyester resin to your materials, you can add a glow to your new surface by using a wax paper, as always follow the directions.

It will take about 15 to 20 minutes for your resin mixture to harden so be sure you get your applications done in less time than that. Working fast and keeping track of time can save you a lot of money by preventing wastage and minimizing labor time.

The compounds used in polyester resin can at times create chemical reactions that are unpredictable and unstable. It’s important that you always remain aware of yourself and the people around you. Follow the guidelines provided to you from the manufacture of any and all products that you are using. An error or misjudgment can result in a traumatic and possibly life-threatening situation.