When emergency first aid is needed these economy style first aid kits will provide immediate first aid for most cuts, burns, and general mishaps in the home, shop, or out in the field. These first aid kits have been designed with the health and safety of your friends, family members, and workers as first priority. Our first aid kits come in water proof cases that can easily be mounted in your truck or on your wall and include everything required to meet OSHA standards.

Since it is not possible to prevent or predict when an accident may occur every home, office, workshop, and vehicle should be equipped with a complete first aid kit that includes the medical supplies required for addressing emergency situations that may arise. A good first aid kit will provide what is needed for immediate medical treatment for cuts, burns, and other accidents until professional medical help arrives. In the event of a serious accident make sure you either call 9-1-1 yourself or assign someone directly to do so.

When you choose your pre-assembled first aid kit make sure it contains the supplies that meet your home, office, or jobsite requirements. A couple of key things to consider are the number of people at your location, the type of activities performed, and the potential dangers in your environment. If you take these into consideration you should be able to come up with a list of required medical supplies that may be needed if an accident occurs.

A couple things that every first aid kit should contain are: A comprehensive, yet easy to follow, first aid instruction manual that explains how to properly take care of basic first aid situations. An ample supply of basic adhesive bandages, athletic tap, gauze pads, and moleskin for cuts and scrapes. It should also include basic medications and lotions for treating minor problems such as aspirin, antacids, antiseptic, and sunscreen. Tweezers, a small mirror, handy wipes, plastic gloves, eye pads, knife or razor blade, bee-sting kit, and slings are additional items that may come in handy in case of a more serious accident. Remember you can always add additional items to make your kit more suited for your specific needs.

A full loaded top-of-the-line first aid kit is not going to help you at all if you, your family, or employees don’t know how to use the supplies that are included within. Make sure that the members of your family or crew know basic first aid and if need be, instruct them on how to use the items in your new first aid kit.