At DeFusco Industrial Supply you’ll always find the best prices on the highest quality power tools and accessories for your marble, granite, and other natural stone fabrication needs. We carry a large selection of wet stone grinders and variable speed angle grinders from name brands like Metabo, Makita and Flex that simply outperform all others. Whatever your fabrication needs, we have the electric angle grinders, bits, and accessories that your job requires.

The Metabo name has been a staple in the power tool industry for years. So when you purchase a Metabo angle grinder from us, you know you’re getting a top quality product that will get the job done quickly and efficiently for years to come and your getting it at the lowest possible price.  The Metabo electric grinders are the ONLY one in the industry with a 3 year warranty! Also available from DeFusco Industrial Supply is a full line of Makita variable speed (VS) and heavy-duty (HD) angle grinders that are high quality, brand new, and come with factory warranties. We also carry the Flex electric polisher, considered by many to be the best available product.

Angle grinders, also known as handheld, side, or disc grinders, are power tools that are used for cutting, grinding, shaping, and polishing, all types of materials. Electric Angle grinders are most often used for large, heavy duty jobs. These electric angle grinders allow you to bring the abrasive (the cutting, grinding, or polishing disc) to the material, making less work for you when shaping large slabs of marble, granite, or other natural stones. Although the angle grinders in this category are powered by electric motors, angle grinders are also available in styles that are powered by gas motors and compressed air.

No matter what motor your angle grinder has, they all drive a geared head at a right-angle that you attaché an abrasive disc or cut off wheel to in order to make your cuts with. These discs can be changed as needed, either because they wear out or you need to use the angle grinder for a different application. Different applications will require using different abrasive discs, here at DeFusco we carry a wide selection of grinding and cut off discs for use in angle grinders for numerous stone fabrication applications.

The two most important factors when choosing an angle grinder for your application are the size of the grinding discs it supports and the power of the motor. Additional factors include the power source, arbor size, and rpm. The majority of angle grinders will include a side-handle to allow for two-handed operation, which allows for easier and more accurate work. In addition, some angle grinders come with adjustable guards, so keep these in mind when selecting your angle grinder.