We carry a full line of electric, pneumatic, and air powered wet stone grinders and polishers from name bands you can count on to get the job done right. You can always rely on us at DeFusco Industrial Supply to get you the highest quality name brand products that you desire, at the lowest possible prices.

Take a look around our site, we are sure to have what you are searching for. If you can’t find it, send us an email or give us a call, we will be glad to help you locate those hard to acquire specialty tools and bits, as well as the more common ones. If you are looking for a wet stone polisher or grinder, look no further. You are in the right place.

The electric polishers we carry are manufactured by top brand names like Felisatti, Flex, and Makita, all of which are staples in the stone fabrication industry. Our line of pneumatic wet polishers and grinders come from brands like Flex, Barranca and Weha, all of which are well known amongst professionals for high quality and great value. Recently we added several highly efficient pneumatic wet polishers from Weha to our product line, which have been proven to be of excellent quality.

Wet stone grinders and polishers have been proven to be workhorses in the shop and on the jobsite. Over all, these tools are going to give you the best value for your dollar when compared to similar tools. These wet stone grinders and polishers are ideal for polishing, shaping, grinding, and core drilling, marble, granite, natural stone, and even glass. These are must-have tools for contractors, installers, and fabricators of engineered stone, porcelain, granite, marble, and most other materials.

By using wet grinders and polishers, you are able to bring back the luster of your stone materials such as granite and marble, which has been damaged by cuts or wear. These polishing and grinding tools use water to keep them cool when you are polishing tiles or stone, which also minimizes the amount dust created while working. These hand-held, motor driven, power tools can be fitted with a countless number of attachments, disks, pads, and bits that allow you to accomplish just as many different tasks.

Once you’ve selected the polisher or grinder that is right for you, don’t forget to get all the polishing and grinding accessories you may need including diamond router bits and diamond polishing pads, which are also available on our site.