These silicon carbide sanding discs are going to save you a lot of time and money. We have these “C” weight closed-coat sanding discs made specifically for us with an anti-clog, no load, and resin over resin bond. Their latex backing allows for wet and dry use on all of your natural stone surfaces. These discs also offer extremely quick changing with their hook and loop design, which works just like Velcro, yet they wont separate from the pad like cheep imports.

Sanders are a simple tool to use and can be used for a number of different sanding applications. With these hook and loop sanding discs, it makes it easy for professionals and the novice a like to shape, sand, and even polish their granite, marble and other natural stone surfaces with ease. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to create a smooth flat surface, or finish a delicate job, we have the silicon carbide sanding disc that will help you complete your task. Silicon carbide is an ideal synthetic sanding material that is recommended for use in most power sanding operations. These sanding discs can be used on hardwood, plastic, aluminum, brass, glass edges, and even natural stone. Although silicone carbide is almost as tough as diamonds, it’s bridle and using it on hard metals will cause it to wear out early.

If you’re looking to shape, sand, or polish your natural stone surfaces it can be accomplished with minimal effort as long as you choose the correct sanding discs. These silicon carbide discs are ideal for situations where you are trying to remove old finish or grime in damaged areas for repair. For a job like this you don’t want to try and sand your hard natural stone surfaces by hand.

Choosing your grit is easer than you think. The grit is represented using numbers; smaller numbers equal a courser grade that will remove more material on each pass. Likewise higher grit will remove less material creating a higher shine, making them great for polishing. Always start your sanding with a low to medium grit paper and work your way up to higher grits until you reach your desired smoothness and shine. This is where our hook and loop design comes in handy, you can quickly change out as you move up to higher grit sand papers. If you’re wet sanding, do not let your surface or sanding pad become dry. This can cause the sanding disc to become overheated and shorten its life.

Whenever possible we look for ways to provide you with additional savings. When you purchase our silicon carbide sanding discs in bulk, we will provide you with additional discounts.