The small diameter dry segmented blades stocked by DeFusco Industrial Supply range from 4” to 7” in size, if you’re looking for a larger sized segmented blade, we also stock a wide selection of large diameter segmented blades on our site. Segmented blades are designed for use in dry cutting and contain segments that are laser welded to a metal core, which allow the blade to get hot without any segment loss. Discounts are available on bulk purchases.

Dry segmented diamond blades are ideal for cutting through surfaces like brick, block, asphalt, and concrete. The dry segmented diamond saw blades in this category have a small diameter. Their small size allows you use them in your hand-held saws and grinders, which lets you bring the saw blade to your materials, making your job easier. These small diameter dry segmented blades are manufactured by top quality brand names like Diamante Italia so you know you are getting a superior diamond blade that will get the job done quickly and correctly.

Depending on your specific application it may require different equipment and in many cases a different blade size or style. If you are cutting small flat material it will most likely be easier to use a table saw. However, if your materials are larger like counter slabs, most of the time you will be better off using a hand-held saw that you can bring to your heavier material.

By using dry cutting blades you will remove the mess that wet cutting creates, although you will be producing more dust. This makes dry cutting ideal when you have to cut your materials indoors, since the slurry and spray from a wet saw could damage surfaces up to a dozen feed away. Dry cutting with a hand-held saw that operates with low horsepower is an excellent way to create shape or contours within your material.

If your project requires making deep cuts through large pieces of granite, you may want to consider using a wet blade. The Association of Equipment Manufacturers says you can use many dry blades for wet cutting, however, you should never use a wet blade for dry cutting as it will damage the blade and end its life prematurely. Wet cutting will more efficiently cool the diamond blade and reduce chipping. Whenever possible you should do your wet cutting outside where the mess can easily by washed away with a water hose.

Always remember to take proper safety precautions, use effective eye and ear protection, and be patient when operating a power saw.