We stock a wide selection of high quality diamond router profiling bits for stone at discounted prices, that will fit in any stone profiling machine. If your looking for stone router bits in full ogee, segmented, continuous, ½ gas arbor, or fragmented, we have the profiling bits you are looking for. These bits are perfect for giving marble, granite, and tile a perfect bullnose edge. Stone fabricators of all skill levels that demand professional results use these diamond profiling bits.

The diamond router bits that we carry at DeFusco Industrial Supply are manufactured by recognized brand names like Diamante Italia, who is known for making products that provide superior quality, economical value, and enhanced performance. The most common use for diamond router bits is to create rounded or decorative edges in granite countertops, tiles, and other stonework. Unlike standard steel router bits, these bits include ground diamond fibers that allow them to quickly cut through harder stone materials with beautiful results. Now you can get a CNC finish while using your router, at a fraction of the cost.

Installing any of these bits is easy. Make sure your router is in the off position and loosen your routers chuck by inserting its key and turning it counterclockwise. Remove your previously used bit, if it is in the router, and insert your new diamond router profiling bit. Secure the new bit in place by inserting the key and turning it clockwise until you cannot turn it anymore. Now you can attach your router to your table and adjust your bits height (depending on how deep you would like your cut to be) and lock the adjustment arms in place. It’s recommended that you also install a position bit. The position bit is a round guide that will ensure a perfect contour by guiding the stone across your new router bit forming your desired shape. Position bits are usually attached using a separate Allen key wrench.

You can get professional results from these stone router bits by following a couple simple steps. First turn your router on and place your stone materials edge a few inches away from the now spinning router bit. Now make several passes across the stones edge. You will notice that the amount of frictions will reduce with every pass you make. Once you notice that there is no longer any friction and the position bit is the only bit touching the stone, your cut is complete. Move on to your next cut or turn off your router and remove your bits, your done.

If you’re looking or a custom router bit, or don’t see the one you want on our site, call us, we will find the bit you want or have one made for you.